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EGGVP, the European Group for Generic Veterinary Products, is the association representing the pharmaceutical industry of generic veterinary medicinal products in Europe.

The members of the association discuss the generic veterinary medicinal products policy and share practical experiences; they also strive to assemble their views and opinions to express them towards the competent EU and National authorities. The ability of its member companies to work together is the key factor behind the success of EGGVP, an association that allows a high level of involvement in its regular activities. To ensure that all members have the opportunity to contribute, EGGVP has established a range of consultative processes to actively and transparently engage all associate members.

The 21 EGGVP members are marketing authorization holders of (generic) veterinary medicinal products, representing an industry that has over 5.000 direct employees and a sales turnover of over €1.3 billion per annum.

We would like to welcome you to our site and invite you to discover more about the EGGVP world as you learn more about generic veterinary medicines.



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EGGVP is member of EPRUMA