Benefits of generics


Generic veterinary medicines provide major benefits to society:

Generics promote an innovative and dynamic development of veterinary medicines industry in Europe. They represent a wide range of products, many of them with an added value compared to original product (for example, by adding new strengths, dosage forms, routes of administration, and indications).

Allowing effective competition between generic and original veterinary medicines is crucial to provide affordable choices to society and incentivise innovation. Generics contribute to solve availability problems as they increase the range of existing choices. Formulations are available to wider markets that previously may not have been able to afford them. Generic companies are often smaller size of business. This also allows reaching markets that bigger players may not be interested in. Generics facilitate the appropriate use of medicines by preventing the misuse when there is no originator available or the price of the originator cannot be afforded.

Generics are used as effective treatment alternatives to high-priced originator products:

  • Companion animals: generics are of outmost importance for lifelong treatments. They contribute to a high level of health and welfare for all animals.
  • Food producing animals: cost effective and safe farming practices contribute to supply quality safe food to a growing population in many geographic regions where the cost of non-generic medicines might not be affordable.