Generic VMPs

7The generic veterinary industry plays an important role in the promotion of animal health and welfare by developing bioequivalent medicines as alternatives to original medicines. This means that generic veterinary medicines are developed to be the same as veterinary medicines that have already been authorised, and comply with at least the same strict standards of quality, safety and efficacy as original products.

By increasing the range of existing choices, the generic veterinary industry enhances availability as medicines become accessible to more users and more geographical regions. The generic veterinary industry is also an innovative business branch, as it develops optimised medicines with an added value compared to the existing ones. 

Generic veterinary medicines only enter the market after being approved in the EU by the competent authorities. Strict regulations and controls ensure that generics are authorised, proven and regulated products. As with other human and veterinary medicines, generics must comply with the very stringent EU regulations ensuring quality, safety and efficacy for the animal, human and the environment. Furthermore, generic producers must satisfy the rigorous manufacturing standards and quality controls known as « Good Manufacturing Practices » in order to be able to operate in Europe.