Brussels (14 June 2018) – EGGVP, the voice of generic veterinary medicines in Europe, is proud to welcome two new members as part of our association.

TVM is a French pharmaceutical laboratory which develops, produces and markets a wide range of proprietary medicinal products, particularly in the areas of ophthalmology, neurology, geriatrics, as well as hygiene and supplementation products. Historically based in France, TVM now markets its most recent products in several European countries. Since 2016, TVM also owns a UK subsidiary.

Dox-al is an Italian company that has been creating, developing and manufacturing medicinal products, supplements and feed for livestock health and wellness for 40 years. Dox-al reliability is recognized in 50 countries and by 18 international patents. Its mission is to take care of animals and operators health and the environment, through our technological solutions.

“I am extremely honored and proud to count with Dox-al and Laboratoire TVM in our association”, said Dolores Cainzos, EGGVP Chair. “By means of these two new memberships, EGGVP gains geographical representation as well as expertise and technical competence to support the many challenges of the industry of generic veterinary medicines in the years to come”.

Founded in 2002, EGGVP is a high level group of 24 companies representing the pharmaceutical industry of generic veterinary medicinal products in Europe. EGGVP represents the interest of its members in order to achieve a transparent, harmonized, pragmatic and proportionate regulatory environment.

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