Antimicrobial therapy is crucial to effectively combat and control infectious diseases in animals and humans. In veterinary medicine, access to antimicrobials is essential for animal health, to improve animal welfare and prevent unnecessary suffering and to ensure a safe food supply.

The EU industry of generic veterinary medicines, represented by EGGVP, not only provides high quality, effective and safe antimicrobials, but also plays an important role in assuring availability of veterinary medicines. Generics contribute to medicines’ availability by creating an appropriate competitive environment, with more options for European veterinarians, farmers and pet owners.

EGGVP is concerned about antimicrobial resistance and recognises the importance of setting appropriate and sustainable measures. Although being a naturally occurring phenomenon in microorganisms which cannot be completely excluded, the development and spreading of antimicrobial resistance can be controlled and reduced. The most crucial and effective tool to combat AMR is to use antimicrobials prudently. Each stakeholder must play its role and should do its best to prevent inappropriate use of antimicrobials in veterinary and human medicine. EGGVP assumes this responsibility by providing high quality, safe and effective products, while promoting prudent use of antimicrobials according to the Summary of Product Characteristics approved by responsible national and European authorities.

EGGVP is committed to take necessary measures to contribute actively and responsively to control antimicrobial resistance; it will remain focused on continual improvement of the quality, safety and efficacy of veterinary medicines, and will keep on advocating prudent and responsible use of antimicrobials.