Brussels (April 28, 2017) – The European Group for Generic Veterinary Medicines (EGGVP) announced today that the company Vet-Agro joined the association as a new member.

Vet-Agro is a Polish pharmaceutical company conducting research, development, production and sale of products used in animal health. The aim of the Company is to constantly develop, create innovative solutions and produce the highest quality products using the most advanced technology.

“I am very pleased to welcome Vet-Agro into our association” EGGVP chair Dolores Cainzos said. “Together as an industry, we can continue our dedicated work to improve access to generic veterinary medicines and strengthen its significance in Europe”.

EGGVP is a high level group of 22 companies representing the pharmaceutical industry of generic veterinary medicinal products in Europe. EGGVP represents the interest of its members in order to achieve a transparent, harmonized, pragmatic and proportionate regulatory environment.

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